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  • November 27, 2020

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Why the Congress horses jumping over the boundaries of party stable ?

Jag Mohan Thaken-Editor-in-Chief – indianewsfront

What will  be the outcome of the Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister and  PCC chief Sachin Pilot’s revolt , with a convoy of 18 MLA’s, in the long run ,it cannot be predicated yet , but  this episode has certainly again shown the loosened control of the party high command and the decayed roots of the party to the public.   

Kapil Sibal , a member of Congress party’s Think tank  commenting on the internal battle of

Rajasthan Congress tweeted on July 12  , “Will we wake up only after the horses  have bolted from our stables ?”

Whether the revolt originated from the greed of more power or overestimation  or to safeguard the self-esteem or all ,will be clear in the time to come . 

It is not the first revolt in Congress . Amid the starting point spread of Corona virus , the Rajya Sabha elections had also shown open the rebellion virus affected decayed roots of congress commanders . In Madhya Pradesh 22 MLA’s revolted under the umbrella of so thought most trusted and loyalist Jyotiraditya Scindia , a right hand of Rahul Gandhi , dwindling the congress government in the state. Then Madhya Pradesh’s Scindia virus had also crossed over the boarders and four of the congress MLA’s had resigned to pave the easy way for BJP to win one more Rajya Sabha seat in Gujarat.

However in Haryana the Scindia  virus could not  unroot  the congress  due to pre-spread measures and bowing of the high command before the likely to be rebellion strong hold . But  it  proved a boon for Haryana’s former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda . Just after Scindia’s  saying ‘TATA- BYE’ to  the congress , the party once again came at the crossroads of dilemma in Haryana too. Nominating  a candidate for  Rajya Sabha seat  from Haryana raised a conundrum before the party high command . The Congress party having a strength of 31 MLA’s out of a total strength of 90 in the state assembly was  to nominate one candidate for a sure shot seat for which its currently retired member and state president Kumari Selja was likely to get a renewal . But , the former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda wanted to crown his own son Deepender Singh Hooda on the strength of his major share in assembly . It is pertinent to mention here that out of 31 MLA’s of congress party , Hooda had a hold over 25 MLA’s , whereas his competitor Selja hardly had a mere three . The other three members were to blow their own trumpets .

Being in the good books of Smt. Sonia Gandhi , Kumari Selja was expecting a sure nomination , but revolt by Scindia turned the whole scenario .  Smelling another revolt probability  by former CM Hooda in case of turning down the request of Hooda’s son , the congress commandants had to rethink over the issue and dropped  the name of less powerful  leader Kumari Selja giving a  green signal to Hooda .

                        Who are the rebellion horses ?

To pave the way of ensuring crown for her incapable son Rahul Gandhi ,  Smt. Sonia Gandhi gave the reign of Congress party in the hands of Mr. Gandhi under the influence of ‘Putra Moh’(  Blind love to the son beyond logic and rationale  like Dhritrastra’s love to his son Duryodhan  when he wanted the throne of Hastinapur   to go to his own son, instead of the Pandavas. ). And the new commander started to implant the incompetent rivals of already established heavyweights , who were groomed by the most powerful leader Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Ashok Tanwar against  Bhupinder Hooda in Haryana , Sachin Pilot  against big gun Ashok Gahlot in Rajasthan , Navjot Sidhu against Captain Amarinder Singh in Punjab and Rahul’s school mate  Jyotiraditya Scindia in  Madhya Pradesh  were some of right hands of Rahul Gandhi , who were advanced to replace the old heavyweights to pave the path for Mr. Gandhi . This process of weakening the established heavyweights by weaker tots not only annoyed the old guards ,but also weakened the party . A weak seed always germinates into a weak plant . These power hungry rootless new chaps were very eager to get the full command in their states and were associated with Mr. Gandhi only to get power and they were neither faithful to the party nor to Mr. Gandhi . Whenever they got a jolt ,they revolted or resented .

  In Haryana   , just before the assembly elections, when the acclaimed loyalist state unit president Ashok Tanwar was replaced by Kumari Selja  and the election command was given to former Chief Minister Bhupinder Hooda , Mr. Tanwar    threw away his loyalty coat and  left the party by asking , “ Where were these people when we were struggling and they were enjoying in last five years.”

Another self -styled  leader Mr. Kuldeep Bishnoi , son of late Chaudhary Bhajan Lal , also a desirous  of holding state wings and not happy over giving weightage to Bhupinder Hooda  even  warned the party commanders  while reacting over the  revolt of Scindia .  Bishnoi  , favouring Scindia   tweeted , “He (Scindia ) was a central pillar in the party & the leadership should’ve done more to convince him to stay. Like him, there are many other devoted INC leaders across the country who feel alienated, wasted & discontented.”

However ,despite Rahul Gandhi’s failed play game to replace Ashok Gahlot by his neo-lieutenant Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan , an Indira Gandhi time party leader  Mr. Gahlot favoured the party line and rebuked rebellion Scindia and tweeted , “Mr Scindia has betrayed the trust of the people as well as the ideology. Such people proves they can’t thrive without power. Sooner they leave the better.”

Mr. Gahlot further added , “ Joining hands with BJP in a time of national crisis speaks volumes about a leader’s self-indulgent political ambitions.  Especially when the BJP ruining the economy, democratic institutions, social fabric and as well the Judiciary.” 

Ashok Gehlot’s statements at the time of Scindia’s revolt had also given a warning prediction to his contender Sachin Pilot , but greed of power never lets a power hungry person to think .

It is well established fact that the horses ,who are always desirous of grazing green fodder , should never forget that generally the distant green looking pastures have the risk of being trapped by the fierce hunters .

Congress’  Rajya Sabha MP and  Former chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Caste,  P L Punia, expressing his unbiased views , suggested the high command , “ Very unfortunate that we lost a senior leader like Jyotiraditya Scindia. It needs a thorough introspection whether Mr Scindia alone is responsible. After 15 years of BJP misrule we came to power and we could not retain it even for 15 months.”

                Who is responsible for Congress’ downfall ?

“Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s illness and incompetency of Rahul Gandhi are the major factors for taking the congress to the death bed . Rahul could not prove his capability to become an alternate of Narender Modi even after a passage of five years.   A  conflicting rider cannot   keep a proper grip on the reins of the horse .  Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi also failed to infuse enthusiasm in the voters ,especially the UP folk .Now the dilemma with the congress is that Sonia does not want to hand over the reign of the party to other than Rahul and reluctant to hand over the command to any other rider outside the Gandhi family . Whereas  the congress needs a strong leadership to bring it out of death bed  but  it does not seem  likely to happen in the present scenario .” Expressing concern over the present situation, a  Lucknow   based senior journalist Udai Yadav says.

Now the congress needs mass leaders and not the mess leaders. It should choose and groom the leaders of the public, from the public and for the public , who can feel the pulse of the public and plus the public with the party .

The question stands , “Will Sonia Gandhi let the reigns to go outside the family fort or  force the congress to breathe its last within the boundaries  ? (JMT-INF).